An Exploration of Punctuation becomes an Obsession resulting in Lots of Tiny Heads

After this series of letters and numbers, I drifted towards punctuation, after an ampersand or two, a question mark, I got stuck on the period. One single dot, a solitary circle… So naturally I started making heads, small round animals, etc… Then it became obsessive. I divided a sketch book page spread into 44 squares (I left the top right row of four open for weird podcast quotes) and I would get 4-8 done a day. Finally I finished that book, and forced my self into another series before I fill an entirely new book full of heads. Just finished coloring the first 99 (actually 101, but I cut 2), which takes me about one evening to color 4.

I’m working on a series of bodies now that are interchangeable with other heads, like a game of Exquisite Corpse with myself. Could be another cool series, but maybe it becomes an app or something?