Blackwing 602

By November 4, 2015Factoids

Blackwing - 602

Chuck Jones, Vladimir Nabokov, John Steinbeck, Quincy Jones, Truman Capote, Stephen Sondheim, Igor Stravinsky, Faye Dunaway, Frank Lloyd Wright, and John Lennon all used this pencil. One Disney Animator, Shamus Culhane, was buried with a Blackwing in hand. They were discontinued in 1998, when “the machine that produced the ferrule mechanism broke down.” Today, an original box will go for $2,000 on ebay.

I’ve been using the modern reproduction of this pencil, the “Palomino Blackwing 602” for years, and it is literally the best pencil I have ever used.

“Why Is Hollywood Obsessed With This Pencil?” by Seth Abramovitch