Red Horse’s Drawings of Little Bighorn

By November 24, 2015Favorite Illustrators

Red - Horse

“Ledger art was created across tribes from about 1870 to 1920 as pencils, pens, and colored pencils became available, and gets its name from the trading ledgers which supplied much of the paper… Red Horse‚Äôs drawings, commissioned by Army doctor Charles E. McChesney in 1881, methodically recall the events of the battle, with the blood spurting from casualties on both sides, and the Lakota eventually leading away the captured cavalry horses. And absent from each page is Custer… (T)he Lakota and Cheyenne warriors in the fog of battle did not know who was commanding the cavalry troops attacking the village. The Red Horse drawings let us see the battle through Lakota eyes.”

Read the article on HyperAllergic and check out the Smithsonian’s Digital Archive of all 42 of Red Horse’s drawings of the battle.