travel through the cosmos alphabetically!

Join me on the launch pad, and let the first volume of Alphabet Adventures take you on a rocket ship ride to the deepest reaches of the universe. Take a tongue twisting journey with the  Bletus and Blunk of the Bubbletron Battle Brigade. Excavate a crater with Fiona Finkelstein the alien paleontologist. But take care and avoid Mona and Mikey, the megalomaniacal masters of a multi-moon maple syrup monopoly.

meet the fine feathered friends of essex county!

  • Alphabet Adventures, Volume 2: The Birds of Essex County

    $ 15.00

In my second book, I take you on a journey through the bird habitats of Essex County, New Jersey. From Alligaster Stump Hoppers to Jub Jubs, from Cyan Sap Suckers to Zangtze Geese, you’ll be amazed at the diverse avian species of America’s Favorite State.

dispatches from my visits to monster town!

  • COMING SOON! Alphabet Adventures, Volume 3: Dispatches from Monster Town

    $ 15.00

For my third book, I visited one of my favorite places on Earth: Monster Town. I know, it sounds scary, but they were the friendliest bunch of ogres, demons, zombies, wendigos, gremlins, ghosts, fartbags, unicorns, tentacled-things, and giants I’ve ever met. Except, maybe the Vile Varnak, he was pretty dangerous. I hope you enjoy learning about my adventures there.


Demo Reel, 2012

Demo Reel, 2012

February 19, 2012

ESPYs 2011

ESPYs 2011

July 31, 2011

Demo Reel, 2008

Demo Reel, 2008

February 19, 2008




I am a sketchbook artist and writer, who moonlights as a digital producer at a venerable advertising agency in NYC. I’ve worked in the advertising, animation, design, digital, and production industries for 16 years. In 2002, I won an Emmy Award for Motion Design, and in 2009, I won the Global Grand Prize in Motion Design at the Cut & Paste Design Competition. I live with my family in New Jersey.


2002 Emmy Award Winner - Best Motion Graphics in News or Documentary Programing

The Saline Project was only 2 years old when we were invited to work on “Mortal Enemies,” a documentary for the Discovery Channel.  The show examined the intertwining personal histories of Ariel Sharon and Yasir Arafat through their involvement in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

We were responsible for the 60 second animated opening sequence, as well as an number of story telling interstitials that appeared throughout show. With total access to the New York Times Photo Archive, a lot of Photoshop work, and After Effects’s then new 3-d Camera, we created a montage of “Living Photographs.” The camera pushing in and out of the photographs, using 3d parallax to give the illusion of space.

The Mortal Enemies production team rented out the production offices of “Shipmates,” which was on hiatus. It was a dating show, along the lines of “Blind Date,” but set on a cruise ship. Chris Hardwick, of Nerdist fame, was the host. During late night animation sessions we would raid the dv tape cabinet and watch raw footage of the show, as well as outtakes of Chris Hardwick’s monologues. It was glorious! At the awards ceremony, I forgot to thank Chris Hardwick in our acceptance speech. I’ve always regretted that.