my first book is now on sale!

  • Alphabet Adventures, Volume 1: Outer Space

    $ 15.00

Alphabet Adventures takes you on a journey to the deepest reaches of the universe in Volume One: Outer Space. Explore the alphabet in pictures of aliens and rocket ships, and learn new words from the tongue twisting tales told about each letter.

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Jake Guttormsson

Jake Guttormsson

Creative Person

I am a sketchbook artist and writer, who moonlights as a digital producer at a venerable advertising agency in New York City. I've worked in the advertising, animation, design, digital, and post production industries for 15 years. In 2002, I won an Emmy Award for Motion Design, and in 2009, I won the Global Grand Prize in Motion Design at the Cut & Paste Design Competition. I live with my family in New Jersey.

my second book is on sale too!

  • Alphabet Adventures, Volume 2: The Birds of Essex County

    $ 15.00

Alphabet Adventures takes you on a journey through the bird habitat of central New Jersey in Volume Two: The Birds of Essex County. Explore the alphabet in pictures of 26 native bird species, and learn new words from the tongue twisting tales told about each letter.r.



Ever since 7th grade, when I first saw “The Night of the Living Dead,” zombies have freaked the hell out of me.

I started on this short in October of 2010 as a little 15 second animation I was going to send out as a Halloween card. Then, like a lot of my projects, I got swept up in some other things and didn’t finish on time. When I returned to the project months later, I started developing the project further and further, I came up with the Zombie Hunter concept and the storyline got darker. I dropped this cute little witch, a jack-o’lantern, and a ghost, and focused in on the zombie. I hope they return someday in something else.

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Drawing and Animation Work

Motion Graphics and Post Production

Mortal Enemies

Winner of the 2002 Best Motion Graphics in News or Documentary Programing

The Saline Project was only 2 years old when we were invited to work on “Mortal Enemies,” a documentary for the Discovery Channel.  The show examined the intertwining personal histories of Ariel Sharon and Yasir Arafat through their involvement in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

We were responsible for the 60 second animated opening sequence, as well as an number of story telling interstitials that appeared throughout show. With total access to the New York Times Photo Archive, a lot of Photoshop work, and After Effects’s then new 3-d Camera, we created a montage of “Living Photographs.” The camera pushing in and out of the photographs, using 3d parallax to give the illusion of space.

The Mortal Enemies production team rented out the production offices of “Shipmates,” which was on hiatus. It was a dating show, along the lines of “Blind Date,” but set on a cruise ship. Chris Hardwick, of Nerdist fame, was the host. During late night animation sessions we would raid the dv tape cabinet and watch raw footage of the show, as well as outtakes of Chris Hardwick’s monologues. It was glorious! At the awards ceremony, I forgot to thank Chris Hardwick in our acceptance speech. I’ve always regretted that.



The video for Skrewtape was shot in a loft in the Starret Lehigh building at 26th and 11th, while working as a studio assistant for a painter. When the cat was away, I would download tons of music off Napster and just record myself doing stupid shit with my nikon cool pix. It could shoot 360 x 240 QuickTimes! Oh, digital age!

“Skrewtape!” comes from an audio recording of “The Screwtape Letters” . The story takes the form of a series of letters from a senior Demon Screwtape to his nephew Wormwood, a Junior Tempter.

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