Monster Alphabet

The Monster Alphabet

Moleskine Sketchbooks

Moleskine Sketchbooks

A Series of Head Drawings

A Series of Head Drawings

Emmy Award Winner

I, and the rest of the Saline Project, won Emmy awards for Best Motion Graphics.

Cut & Paste Global Champion, 2009

This is the work that made me the Cut & Paste Global Motion Graphics Champ.

Xmas Wrath, 2004

I wanted to confuse the spirit of selfless giving at Christmas time with the meanness of a debauched jet packed Santa Claus.

Ode to Joy, 2005

This is what happens when a boy watches too many bugs bunny cartoons and Arnold Schwarzenegger movies.

Jet Blue, 2006

A true tale of the joys of commercial airline travel.

Bugs! 2010

This is a short film commissioned by Converse after I won The Cut and Paste Global Championships.

The Zombie Hunters, 2011

A glimpse into a dark future where humans hunt their undead brethren for sport.

edgar925, 2000

Edgar925 was my first all-digital album, self-released in 2000.

God. Devil. Geek. 2001

My second digital album, with bonus tracks!

The Indefatigable Hulk, 2006

Did You Ever Work Way Too Long on Something You Didn’t Need to? This is the album […]

The Commuter Album, 2011

The Best Instrumental Electronic Album of 2011 Made While on a Subway

The Trial of Barnaby Finch

A surreal job interview ends in a metaphysical tragedy. Directed by Sorrel Ahlfeld and Sam Stephens

Saline Project’s Music Videos, 2004

Busby Berkeley, Fidel Castro, Robert Smith, and a video that played EVERY DAY FOR TWO YEARS on vh1.

Saline Project’s Music Videos, 2003

The Saline Project's first two music videos, "calling You" and "Sick and Tired" and the Animatic Tests that inspired them.

“Uprising” Best Special Effects VMA

Seven gruling days of Post Muse “Uprising” won us Best Special Effects at the MTV Video Music Awards

Show packaging for the ESPY Awards

Over 100 hours a week for 5 weeks... This job nearly killed me.

Saline Project’s Music Videos, 2006

G-Unit was obsessed with us for a few years.

The Experiment Named Project K

Project K was a surreal variety show created by an unhinged robber baron in the 1920's.

Mr. Bighands, MTV2

A man with giant hands on his first day at a new job.

MVPA Director of the Year Nominee

Three Music Videos: The Cure “Alt End,” Eminem “Toy Soldiers,” and The Roots “Don’t Say Nuthin”.

Modest Mouse “Fly Trapped in a Jar”

A hellish labor of love, that barely saw the light of day.